FTSR was originally formed in 2006 by a two sim racers from South Carolina by the names of Brodie Hannah and Brandon Elder. Brodie was currently racing Nascar Heat with a league called the Nascar Heat racing League (NHRL). After ending a season of racing, Brodie began looking at other racing games and opportunities to expand on the ideas he had been exposed to. He quickly found that Nascar Racing 2003 Season was the hot ticket in that time and purchased one of the rare copies on ebay for $80.

The work began on finding a catchy name and working on a website. Brodie settled on the name "Full Throttle Sim Racing" and began building from there. Luckily the acronym "FTSR" was easy to say and remember and the domain name FTSR.net was available. With the website completed, he began to attempt to recruit members from his old NHRL days as well as some of his local friends to come play this Nascar Racing 2003 Season game. During this time, Brodie met Brandon Elder, a fellow South Carolinian and sim racer, who had experience running a league and expansive experience with websites and coding. The two quickly became friends and began building up the league. With some success, they were able to get members to join and FTSR began in early 2007. 

The 2007-A season was a small success, but there was room for growth. What started as one series quickly grew into 2, then 3 and finally up to 5 racing series running each week. More series meant more help was needed. Brodie enlisted the help of a few of the members to help oversee daily operations. Jared Carr was brought on and was over the Open-Wheel section of the league. Shortly thereafter, Phillip Stocks was also brought on to help with the stockcar side of things. With the 4 of them working together, FTSR quickly grew and we were seeing 20+ members each night. 

In 2008, FTSR began to see a downward move in the popularity of Nascar Racing 2003 Season and, along with it, a decrease in its membership. Sim racers were trying out new games like the newly released ARCA Sim Racing and iRacing, with some going to rFactor as well. Brodie was reluctant to change with what was working and stuck with Nascar Racing 2003. Phillip Stocks decided to part ways with FTSR and create his own rFactor league. Jared Carr left to pursue other options as well. Brodie and Brandon decided to pool their resources and try to consolidate some of the racing series, reducing the number to 3 and eventually 2 in 2009.

In 2009, FTSR continued to run 2 series for the first half of the year. After the 2009 season, it was announced the FTSR would cease operations. At the request of drivers, we did run a short season in the winter of 2012, but that season was cut short due to low driver turnout. FTSR closed its doors and drivers moved on.

In 2014, there was talk of a resurgence. There was a discussion about using the rFactor sim, but there was little interest as many members interested in rfactor had already join with Phillip Stocks at Stockcar Sim Racing. After pondering the idea and discussing with Brandon Elder, the thought was abandoned and it was decided not to be the best decision.

Through 2014, 2015 and 2016, we began to see a resurgence in the popularity of sim racing. Real drivers were using the iRacing simulation to hone their skills and the updates to iRacing and their tire model were making the sim a better option to explore. iRacing stood up well to the test of time, being released in 2008 and continuing to be updated frequently. The vast collection of cars and tracks make it a must-have for all sim racers. 

In early 2017, work began on the new website and getting things put back together.

In July 2017, it was announced the FTSR will be launching its first iRacing series, the FTSR Late Model series, as well as a second series called the Fun Run series. The Late Model series will be using the iRacing Late Model and run on various short tracks while the Fun Run series will feature a wide variety of cars and tracks with pickup races and will feature no points, no championship and no fixed schedule.

We hope that the future for FTSR is even brighter than the past and it begins with you reading this joining us for some fun racing action. We hope you enjoyed this look into our past and will consider being a part of our future here at Full Throttle Sim Racing.

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