2018-A Starting Driver Roster Announced

Full Throttle Sim Racing Administrators have announced the starting driver lineup for the 2018-A racing season.


First off, we want to thank each and every driver that has participated in the 2018 Preseason Thunder races, especially those who have made multiple events, participated last season and those who have contributed time, money and effort into making FTSR what it is today. We are very excited about where we are heading and cannot wait for this season of racing to kick off.


We have so many great and talented people participating at FTSR, both on and off the track. With that being said, we knew the process was going to be difficult. We regret having to tell drivers that they are not approved, but also feel it is a necessary step to provide the level of competition and quality that league members deserve. During the process, our focus has never been to pick the best drivers on the racetrack, but rather those who attend regularly, those whose personalities and attitudes mesh well with current members, those who have car control and did not cause accidents regularly and those who have shown respect towards others.  In short, drivers on the list were chosen based on attendance, personality, car control and respectfulness. The ideal league member is one who has a good, strong combination of these characteristics.


So, without further ado, here is the starting driver roster for the 2018-A FTSR racing season:


Cup Series - 40 National Series - 36 Truck Series - 45 ARCA Series - 42
Adam Edwards Adam Edwards Adam Edwards Adam Edwards
AJ Browning Andrew Packer Andy Whicker Andrew Packer
Andrew Garrels Andy Whicker Bernard Person Bernard Person
Andrew Packer Bernard Person Billy Hargrove Billy Hargrove
Andy Whicker Billy Hargrove Bob Wells Bobby Mayse
Bernard Person Bobby Mayse Bobby Mayse Brandon Elder
Billy Hargrove Brandon Elder Brandon Elder Brian Conklin
Brandon Elder Brian Rainville Brian Rainville Brian Rainville
Brian Rainville Brodie Hannah Brodie Hannah Brodie Hannah
Brodie Hannah Bryan Bliss2 Bryan Bliss2 Bryan Bliss2
Bryan Bliss2 Chad Clinger Chad Clinger Chad Clinger
Chad Clinger David Hensley Chris Etchepare David Hensley
David Hensley Dean Doucet David Hensley Dean Doucet
Dustin Musil Dustin Schwingle Dean Doucet Dustin Schwingle
Dustin Schwingle Ernie Ludwig Dustin Schwingle Ernie Ludwig
Ernie Ludwig Jake Balmain2 Ernie Ludwig Jack Stroski
Jacob Greider James Efaw Jack Stroski Jake Balmain2
James Efaw Jay Mies James Efaw James Efaw
Jay Mies Jeff Bratten Jason Speer Jason Speer
Jeff Bratten Jeff Gilmore Jay Mies Jay Mies
Jeff Gilmore Jeffrey Marble Jeff Bratten Jeff Bratten
Jeffrey Marble Jerry Walters Jeff Gilmore Jeff Gilmore
Jerry Walters Jon Adams Jeff Sharp Jeffrey Marble
Jon Adams Jon R. Borst Jeffrey Marble Jerry Walters
Jon R. Borst Joshua Cox Jerry Walters Joe Ahlin
Justin M Wilson Kevin Cochran Joe Ahlin Jon Adams
Kevin Cochran Kyle Zimmer Jon Adams Jon R. Borst
Kris Hohn Micheal P Blackner Jon R. Borst Joshua Cox
Kyle Zimmer Raul Martinez3 Joshua Cox Kevin Cochran
Loren Personett Richard Hinds Joshua Geer Kris Hohn
Micheal P Blackner Royce Scrivano Justin B White Micheal P Blackner
Raul Martinez3 Sherwood Williford Justin M Wilson Mike Grandy
Richard Hinds Stephan Hamel2 Kevin Cochran Raul Martinez3
Royce Scrivano TJ Bartel Kris Hohn Richard Luckey
Sherwood Williford Todd Stanton Kyle Zimmer Royce Scrivano
Spencer R Owens William Long Micheal P Blackner Shawn Russell
Stephan Hamel2   Mike Grandy Sherwood Williford
Stephen LouAllen   Raul Martinez3 Stephan Hamel2
TJ Bartel   Richard Hinds TJ Bartel
William Long   Royce Scrivano Todd Stanton
    Shawn Russell Tyler Marble
    Sherwood Williford  Willy Howells
    Stephan Hamel2  
    TJ Bartel  
    Tyler Marble  


Note: Drivers who miss 3 consecutive races in a single series without prior notification will be removed and required to reapply.


If you find that your name is not on the list, there could be a few reasons. Honestly, this came down to car control or attendance, as we had no drivers fail to make it based on attitude or respect issues. Many drivers simply did not attend enough races and practices to make a fair assessment, while others seemed to have stability issues while on the track. Many of those who raced often but missed the list have shown great attitudes and awesome personalities, but just weren’t quite up to par when it came to car control. We hope that these drivers will continue to work to improve and will reapply to join us in the future.


We will begin purging drivers from the series rosters immediately. Registration for all series is also now closed, however we will be accepting referrals from current members. We will allow drivers approved in a series to apply to other racing series within FTSR as they wish by notifying a league administrator of their intentions to do so, but drivers in lower series may require an evaluation when moving up into a higher series. We also may reopen registration later in the season as well. At that time, drivers who did not make the list are welcome to reapply.


We look forward to a season of great racing and memorable moments. Thank you again to all make FTSR what it is and we wish all drivers good luck and happy racing in the 2018-A racing season!


- FTSR Administration


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Daytona Speedweeks Schedule Announced

The 2018 FTSR Daytona Speedweeks schedule was released today. Some of the highlights include the Duels at Daytona, The FTSR Clash at Daytona and several practices and races at the famed Daytona International Speedway leading up to the start of the 2018-A racing season.

You can view the entire 2018 FTSR Daytona Speedweeks schedule HERE.

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FTSR Introduces The Full Throttle Network

As you all are probably aware, we have been searching the last several weeks for a broadcast partner to bring FTSR events live to family and friends and all others who are interested in FTSR. After much searching, we found that many broadcasters are either already booked or did not provide a quality broadcast that met our high expectations. We were unable to find the right partner for FTSR, but we were able to do even better. We made one!

After much discussion and work, we are very excited to announce the formation of The Full Throttle Network, the exclusive live broadcast partner of FTSR. The Full Throttle Network will cover every Cup Series event in the 2018-A season, from the Duels at Daytona to the finale Charlotte and every race in between!

The Full Throttle Network will be exclusive to FTSR. We believe that having a broadcast team that is exclusive will be a great asset and will provide unique opportunities. This will help the broadcast team become familiar with drivers and teams, allow story-lines to be carried over from week to week and will provide a high-quality, in-depth broadcast focused on the league drivers.

In order to put on a high quality show, you need experience, charisma and professionalism. Luckily, we were able to find the perfect duo to bring you all of the action. The Full Throttle Network will be run by 2 gentlemen with many years of broadcast experience and a familiarity with FTSR. Todd Stanton, former anchor at DTRTV and previous co-owner of Full Velocity Network, will lead the efforts behind the scenes and behind the mic. Joining him will be longtime friend and the voice of dirt racing, Phil LaCasse Jr.. Both have countless years in broadcasting, from their local short tracks to sim racing, which include several past broadcasts for FTSR. Both are extremely talented and great assets to have. We are beyond excited to have them bring the action of FTSR to facebook and youtube and look forward to a great partnership going forward.

The Full Throttle Network will live stream race broadcasts directly to the FTSR facebook page for easy access. Members will be able to share and link to the races right from the page. You can also view pasts broadcasts directly from the facebook page and also on the league website.

We are extremely grateful to have such amazing talent and extensive experience dedicated to covering the racing at FTSR and bringing our events to family and friends. We look for great things in 2018 and are happy to welcome Todd and Phil on-board as we start the exciting journey together.

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Championship / Event Trophies Unveiled

The official trophies for the 2018-A FTSR racing season have finally been unveiled. The lineup includes two special event trophies. Included are trophies for the upcoming Daytona 200 for the Moresco Cup Series and a special silver-and-gold-themed trophy for the 2018-A All-Star Event at Charlotte in May.

"We are very excited to be able to do this for our members." FTSR Owner Brodie Hannah stated to media members Wednesday. "While it is not cheap to do, we believe in doing things like this to reward drivers for performance and to give every driver a reason to compete for the championships and race wins. Its just another way we try to give back to the community."

This comes just days after announcing the addition of an in-house broadcast company to cover all FTSR Cup Series events and some additional events during the 2018-A season.

We will get our first chance to see the trophies in-person during Daytona Speedweeks, as the Daytona 200 trophy will be on display during the week. 

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FTSR Bringing More Broadcasts, Signs Sponsor

With the recent success of FTSR, league officials announced Saturday that they would be expanding their current plans for more love race broadcasts. It was announced that the final 2 races of the FTSR Super Late Model Series, being held at Stafford Speedway and Richmond Raceway respectively,would be broadcast live by Full Velocity Network as well as the inaugural race of the FTSR Truck Series that will be held at Talladega Superspeedway. "We are very excited about this next step." Hannah said at the press conference. "We are ecstatic to be broadcasting the closing two races of the Super Late Model Series as we crown a champion. We are equally excited to be able to bring the first race of the new FTSR Truck Series to a live broadcast to begin our exciting series if racing for that series. The timing has really been great and the pieces are falling into place like I could not have imagined."

Hannah also announced the sponsor of the upcoming race at Stafford Motor Speedway. Rent-A-Racecar has come on board for a one-race sponsorship deal on October 2nd at Stafford with the Steel Cage Racing 175 presented by Rent-A-Racecar. FTSR Super Late Model Series Official Paul Strickland Jr. was also distributing fliers promoting the event at Stafford Motor Speedway this weekend as well, which is sure to stir up some interest and curiosity about the league and upcoming events.

With these announcements, it appears that the gears are really turning at FTSR as they finish up a season and are set to being another. Exciting times at FTSR indeed and there is more to come for use.

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