Joining the ARCA Series

Steps to join the FTSR ARCA Series are outlined below:


Step 1. Read and Understand the League Rulebook

By applying to this series, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to abide by the FTSR league rulebook. This outlines the general rules and regulations of all FTSR series. The rulebook contains common sense information, as we try not to be a rules-heavy league, but it is worth skimming to make sure you are in compliance. You can view the rulebook HERE.


Step 2. Meet Eligibility Requirements

In order to enhance competition and to provide drivers of a comparable skill level a more enjoyable racing experience, drivers wishing to compete in this series must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Minimum Oval License: Class D+  (Drivers must have a Class D License or above)

The eligibility requirements are enforced at the beginning of a season and/or when a driver first applies to the series and are reviewed and applied at the beginning of each season.  Drivers who meet the requirements at the beginning of a season or when their application is received will be approved to compete in the current season, regardless of any changes throughout the season. At the start of the next season, all drivers will be reviewed to ensure compliance with eligibility requirements. 

Championship Exclusion Rule:
Drivers who have one or more wins in the Truck, Grand National, or Cup Series or have previously won the ARCA, Truck, Grand National or Cup Championship may run in the ARCA series, however these drivers will not score championship points. Drivers who win during the current season remain eligible for the series until the end of the current season.


Step 3. Apply To The Series

Drivers who meet the minimum requirements above may proceed with the application process outlined below:


A. Apply to the Series - The first thing drivers should do is apply to the FTSR ARCA Series in the iRacing simulation. You can do this by going to the league section of the iRacing member site and searching "FTSR ARCA Series" or clicking HERE. Click the "Apply to This League" button and you have started your application process.


B. League Tryout - New drivers who apply to the series will be contacted via the iRacing message system to set up a time to conduct a league tryout session with at least 2 league admins. These sessions may also be an already-scheduled practice or event during the week. League administrators will monitor performance, attitude, personality, skill-level and other areas before making a determination. Drivers attempting to join multiple series will only need one tryout session.  Current drivers joining the series will not need to participate in a tryout. Once you are approved to race in the league, your application to the series will be approved.


C. Choose a Car Number - Once you have been approved, you must reserve a car number for the series. Approved drivers will receive a "Welcome to FTSR" message. You may simply reply to this message outlining your requested car number. Current reserved car numbers are able to be viewed on the "members" tab of the iRacing league page HERE.


D. Race With Us - That's it. Once approved and a car number has been chosen, you will be able to join the race server on race night. The FTSR ARCA Series sessions will automatically pop up in the "League Sessions" tab of the league area on the iRacing website. There, you will be able to join the events. Remember that we race on Sunday nights. Practice will begin at 8:00pm EST with the races at 9:00pm EST. No password will be used, as the session will only allow league members to join. League members are required to join the server by 8:45pm EST on race night and turn at least 1 lap to be eligible to race. This is done for the safety of the members who put time and effort into preparing for the race.


Series officials reserve the right to deny any driver access to the race session or remove a driver if they feel that the driver will cause issues in the race. New drivers are encouraged to focus on car control, being consistent and being observant of their surroundings on the track over speed and running a fast lap.


Step 4. Connect With Us On Facebook

Drivers are encouraged to like and dfollow the FTSR Facebook page. Although the iRacing message system is the primary line of communication when it comes to official announcements and updates, the league will host giveaways, post news, and provide other helpful info and other things on its Facebook page. You can visit and "Like" the Facebook page HERE.


We hope you will consider joining us and having some fun. See ya on the track!

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