The FTSR Grand National Series is a fast-paced, fixed setup series using the Xfinity series vehicles in the iRacing simulation. This series uses fixed setups on all tracks, making the competition tight and the racing intense. Drivers are very limited on adjustments, which puts it all in the hands on the driver. Throttle control, tire management and strategy come into to play many times when determining the winner of this series. Drivers tackle the actual NASCAR tracks, following the NASCAR season with a few exceptions. Do you have what it takes to become the Grand National Series Champion?


Series Information

Series Name: 2018-A Grand National Series
Vehicle: Class B - Xfinity Series Cars
Day: Tuesdays
Time: Server opens at 8pm / Race at 9pm (EST)
Est. Race Length: 1.25 Hours
Number of Dropped Races Per Season: 2

Race Settings

Session Name: FTSR Grand National Series
Password: None (League Members Only)
Restarts: Double File with Lapped Cars at Back
Fast Repairs Allowed: 1
Qualifying Format: Lone Qualifying / 2 Laps
Race Format: Full Race / No Stages
Setups: Fixed / Track Default
Lucky Dog: Yes
Cautions: Yes
Driving Aids: Disallowed
Max Fuel: 100%
Track Conditions: 20% Starting Wear / Carried Over

Eligibility Requirements

Required Driver iRating: None
Maximum Career iRating: None
Required License: Oval Class C+
Other Restrictions: None


About Eligibility Requirements

In order to enhance competition and to provide drivers of a comparable skill level a more enjoyable racing experience, drivers wishing to compete in this series must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Oval License: Class C+

The eligibility requirements are enforced at the beginning of a season and/or when a driver first applies to the series and are reviewed and applied at the beginning of each season.  Drivers who meet the requirements at the beginning of a season or when their application is received will be approved to compete in the current season, regardless of any changes throughout the season. At the start of the next season, all drivers will be reviewed to ensure compliance with eligibility requirements. 


Membership Requirements and Expectations

While drivers may meet the driver eligibility requirements, there is also a vetting process in place to ensure high quality racing for our members. New members who meet the eligibility requirements will be immediately approved when applying to the series and will be able to join sessions, however all new members are placed on a probationary status. These new drivers are observed and monitored during practice to ensure the driver is stable, can hold a line and is courteous to others. Drivers who are unstable, wreck often in practice and who cannot hold their line may be asked to start at the back or, in severe cases, be asked to skip this race and prepare for the next event. This is all done in the interest of clean, green flag racing and to protect those who have spent hours of practice preparing for the event from being taken out of the event.

New drivers will also start with an asterisk beside their name. This is to help seasoned drivers and league officials identify new drivers on track. The asterisk will remain on a drivers name until the series officials have deemed the driver is performing at a satisfactory level. Asterisks can also be placed on driver if their level of performance drops, the driver is placed on probation or the driver has proven to be an issue in past races. This is done on a race-by-race bases and is at the discretion of the league officials.


The Schedule

Below is the 2018-A Grand National Series season schedule:

Date Race Name Laps Track Time of Day Weather
February 13, 2018 Daytona 175 70 Daytona International Speedway Afternoon iRacing Default
February 20, 2018 Atlanta 175 114 Atlanta Motor Speedway Afternoon iRacing Default + Overcast
February 27, 2018 Las Vegas 175 117 Las Vegas Motor Speedway Afternoon iRacing Default
March 6, 2018 Phoenix 125 125 Phoenix International Raceway Afternoon iRacing Default
March 13, 2018 Auto Club 175 88 Auto Club Speedway Late Afternoon iRacing Default
March 20, 2018 Martinsville 175 175 Martinsville Speedway Afternoon iRacing Default
March 27, 2018 Mid Ohio 100 40 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course Afternoon iRacing Default
April 3, 2018 Texas 175 117 Texas Motor Speedway Afternoon iRacing Default + Overcast
April 10, 2018 Bristol 175 175 Bristol Motor Speedway Afternoon iRacing Default
April 17, 2018 Richmond 150 150 Richmond Raceway Night iRacing Default
April 24, 2018 Talladega 175 66 Talladega Superspeedway Afternoon iRacing Default
May 1, 2018 Dover 150 150 Dover International Raceway Afternoon iRacing Default + Overcast
May 8, 2018 Kansas 175 117 Kansas Motor Speedway Night iRacing Default
May 15, 2018 OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF
May 22, 2018 Charlotte 175 117 Charlotte Motor Speedway Night iRacing Default


The Championship Points System

The FTSR Grand National Series will use the following Championship Points System for each race:

Position Points   Position Points   Position Points   Position Points
1st 40    11th 30   21st 20   31st 10
2nd 39   12th 29   22nd 19   32nd 9
3rd 38   13th 28   23rd 18   33rd 8
4th 37   14th 27   24th 17   34th 7
5th 36   15th 26   25th 16   35th 6
6th 35   16th 25   26th 15   36th 5
7th 34   17th 24   27th 14   37th 4
8th 33   18th 23   28th 13   38th 3
9th 32   19th 22   29th 12   39th 2
10th 31   20th 21   30th 11   40th 1
Bonus Points:
Leading a Lap - 1 Bonus Point
Pole Position - 1 Bonus Point

* All ties will be broken in the order of most wins, most 2nd places finishes, most 3rd place finishes, etc. 


Cash Prizes and Awards

At the end of the season, the following awards will be given to drivers who accomplished each task:

Awards Payout
Series Champion $40 iRacing Credits
2nd Place Points $20 iRacing Credits
3rd Place Points $10 iRacing Credits
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