The FTSR Cup Series puts you behind the wheel of the Nascar Monster Energy Cup Series cars as a driver in the top series of FTSR. Get ready to race for your life with the very best that the league has to offer. With fixed setups, races are decided on driver skill, race strategy and split-second decision making. These heavy, high-powered cars show no mercy and the other racers will be there to pounce with any mistake you make. Can you become a championship driver in this elite racing series? 

Race Information

Event Name: Daytona 200 Qualifying and Duels
Day: Thursday February 8th
Time: Server Opens at 8pm, Qualifying at 9pm, Duels To Follow (All Times Eastern) 

Race Settings

Session Location: Hosted Tournament Section
Session Name: FTSR Cup Series - Daytona 200 Qualifying and Duels
Password: None (Series Members Only)
Vehicle: Class A - Monster Energy Cup Series Cars
Track: Daytona International Speedway
Time of Day: Day
Weather: iRacing Default
Restarts: Double File with Lapped Cars at Back
Fast Repairs Allowed: 0
Qualifying Format: Lone Qualifying / 2 Laps
Race Format: 2 Lap Qualifying / 25 Laps / 25 Laps
Setups: Fixed / Track Default
Lucky Dog: Yes
Cautions: Yes
Driving Aids: Disallowed
Max Fuel: 100%
Track Conditions: 20% Starting Wear / Carried Over

Eligible Drivers

  • All Cup Series drivers are eligible





Schedule & Race Format

8:00pm EST - Daytona Practice
The server will open for 1 hour of practice prior to the race for all Cup Series drivers. 
9:00pm EST - Daytona Qualifying - 2 Laps
Drivers take to the track for 2 laps. The pole and outside pole winners lock in their starting position for the Daytona 200. All other drivers line up based on their finish in the duels.
9:10pm EST - Can-Am Duel 1 - 25 Laps
A 25 lap race for all even-numbered qualifiers. This race will set the order of the outside rows for the Daytona 200 (excluding the outside pole winner from qualifying).
9:45pm EST - Can-Am Duel 2 - 25 Laps
A 25 lap race for all odd-numbered qualifiers. This race will set the order of the inside rows for the Daytona 200 (excluding the pole winner from qualifying).
We will be utilizing the iRacing Tournament System to facilitate these race so that lineups can be set for each duel. Each duel will be preceded by a
10 minute practice session to allow time for drivers to join the server. Times listed are an estimated time when the server will open.
Cautions will be on for both duels. Drivers are encouraged to race smart and clean to provide more green-flag racing to improve their starting positions.

We urge drivers to use teamspeak to help in the sharing of information and directions during server changes.

Prizes and Awards

At the end of the event, the following prize money will be awarded to drivers who accomplished each task:

Awards Payout
Pole Winner $10 iRacing Credits
Duel 1 Winner $10 iRacing Credits
Duel 2 Winner $10 iRacing Credits
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